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Six Reasons Your Child Should Learn To Code
If we want to set our children up for success, every child should learn to code. The earlier, the better
Our children spend a lot of time on electronic devices, but it does not make them smarter. Even though many schools teach information and communication technology, lot of students do not have even elementary programming skills.
Coding for kids not only helps improve their math and writing skills but also gives them valuable skills in life like problem solving, critical and creative thinking, teamwork, entrepreneurial skills and so on. Soon, it will be crucial for everybody, regardless of occupation.

Coding should be taught in schools from an early age. The earlier children learn to code, the better their chance at success.
It has been proven that a 7-year-old child has a grasping power 300% times more than a 25-year-old.
Here are the top 6 reasons for a child to learn how to code, early on:

Coding is the Future
When you look at how the world is shaping-up, coding is an extremely useful skill to possess. There are an increasing number of businesses who rely on computer code, not just those in the technology sector.

Coding boosts Critical Thinking
Early on, a child must be taught how to think not what to think. Coding is a fantastic way to break this barrier, especially at such a tender age.

Teaches Entrepreneurial Skills
When you work on an idea and go-through all the phases from an idea to implementation, you are learning those skills that are needed to be an entrepreneur. It will teach them to break down tasks, prioritizing them and working on them effectively.

Coding Fosters Resilience
Coding is a great way to learn how to navigate through challenges that may or may not always result in success. With coding, children will learn how to tackle failures without developing a negative mindset.
Errors, troubleshooting, and debugging are all integral parts of the coding process. The first-time novices run a program; it usually fails. However, the frustration of fixing their code is well worth the work when the computer finally aces its task. These experiences help kids build resilience when faced with difficult problems. Coding gives kids the confidence to tackle challenges and the bravery to face failure without fear.
Coding gives kids the confidence to tackle challenges and the bravery to face failure without fear.
Coding Nurtures Academic Excellence
While logic and problem-solving skills play an inherent role in better math and science grades, studies show that coding has a profound effect on the brain itself.

A 2014 study found that coding—and an understanding of its processes—activates five regions in the left hemisphere of the brain that are associated with the following:
  • Attention
  • Verbal and numerical memory
  • Natural language processing
  • Artificial language processing
Proficiency in artificial language processing has been shown to improve grammar skills and pattern detection, while natural language processing may help with reading comprehension and foreign language learning.

Coding Develops Planning and Organization
To adequately solve a coding problem, children must map out their ideas, design actionable plans, and follow through on their goals. The practice of planning and organizing your thoughts before executing tasks also helps kids with:
  • Essay writing
  • Decision making
  • Challenging math and physics assignments
  • Engaging in difficult conversations and debates
In the coming generation, we will see entrepreneurs as young as 14-year old. Child of the future will own Home Inc. and deliver an eco-friendly 3D printed home to the global clients with branches on Mars!
Algorithmics makes coding fun and exciting for kids and teens.

Algorithmics is spread over 35 countries and over 150K students had been certified across the globe. All courses are delivered through a platform collaboratively developed by computer scientist, child psychologist, and education specialist over several years. We mainly teach block-coding and Python to kids and teens ages 6 to 17.

We will have an interactive session with your child where they will develop their first algorithm and program. Give your child the gift of a lifetime!
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