About the course
A fascinating immersion into the world of game development and the first steps towards mastering a highly-demanded profession
1 academic year
10 – 11 years old

Groups of 12 children offline
Groups of 6 students online
Once a week
90 minutes
Weekdays or weekends

During the course, children will learn all basic tools for game development in Roblox Studio and learn the basics of the Lua scripting language
Children decide themselves what game and characters they will create. Teachers will always help with their ideas implementation
During Algorithmics' classes kids will learn creativity and critical thinking as well as develop presentation and teamwork skills
What will a child learn in a programming course:

Program puzzles and logic tasks

Develop game story lines and understand different game strategies

Design different types of players
Create their own games on the Roblox Studio platform and write scripts in Lua

Promote their game on the Roblox platform and attract new players
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